Do you have a minimum order?

Not necessarily. However, given the setup costs involved with letterpress printing, the higher the quantity you print, the lower the unit cost of the final printed piece. If you’re looking for hard numbers, so you can start somewhere, here are our suggested minimum quantities:

  • Business cards: 250
  • Invitations: 100
  • Posters: 250
  • Chapbooks: 100
  • Other: please inquire

Can you rush my order?

Yes, within reason. There are so many variables that affect a rush job that it’s impossible to speculate on an exact cost. A rush job, by definition, needs to be printed and shipped out quickly, and materials therefore usually need to be rush-shipped to us before we can begin printing. These costs, plus the cost of “cutting the line” in our printing queue, add up quickly, so the best way to think of a rush is in terms of a percentage of the job total: rush fees of 25-50% of the normal project cost are common; rush fees of 50-75% of the project fee are more rare, but can and have occurred; rush fees of 100-100+% of the project fee are even more rare, but can and have occurred. Please inquire in your correspondence and we can iron out the details.

Do you provide samples of your work?

Yes, we can certainly provide you with samples. As we have a limited number of samples from any given job, we charge a small fee, in addition to a fee for postage, to send them to you. To sweeten the pot, however, we offer a full discount for the sample cost (not, however, for the shipping cost), up to a maximum of $40, if you end up ordering from Smokeproof. Please inquire about the item in question and we’ll let you know about its availability and the cost.

What happens to any overage after printing?

If there is any overage after a job is complete, we typically include it when we deliver the job. How much overage there is depends on a variety of factors and is different from job to job

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer personal or business checks, made out to “Smokeproof Press.” We can arrange for payment via Paypal, but would then need to add any associated processing fee to your invoice before payment. Please inquire and we’ll happily assist you.

Do you offer press checks?

Yes, we offer one press check per project. Additional press checks (for projects with multiple colors) will incur a $35-per-press-check fee. There will be a fee involved if a press check leads to any changes to the project, including ink / tint changes, press setup / cleanup, etc.

Do you accept credit cards?

No, not directly. We can, however, accept payment via Paypal; for these transactions we need to add any associated Paypal processing fee to your project total before processing the payment.

What’s your turnaround time?

This will always depend on 1. the actual job and its specifics, 2. our current workload, 3. time of year (holidays, for example, are busier times), and 4. receipt of finalized artwork and a deposit. With that in mind, in general, you can expect the following turnaround times:

  • Business cards: 2-3 weeks
  • Invitations: 3-5 weeks
  • Packaging: 3-5 weeks



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Sorry, we were unable to find the defintion for this term. This is our fault, we probably put a thing-a-ma-jig in the whats-it spot.